Sunday, 1 March 2015

Talking body.

Kimono | Urban Outfitters
Dress, bag & shoes | New Look

I'd wanted a kimono like this for soooo long. This one is perfect - black, lacy & with fringing. I got it a couple months ago actually in the Urban Outfitters sale for £20 something instead of around £80. Gonna have to wear it around town in the summer and dream that I'm part of the witch crew in American Horror Story Coven. Also this is definitely one of my new favourite dresses, I've worn it so many times since I bought it :)

Hope everyone's had a nice weekend,

Claire x

Friday, 20 February 2015

Collars and leather.

Jumper & skirt | Primark
Bag | Asda
Shoes | Converse

This jumper has a built in collar/shirt, do you know how happy that makes me? Haha. It's actually one of the comfiest jumpers I own. Although I do feel like this outfit looks a bit school girly, oh well. This bag was such a steal from Asda, it only cost me £5 and it's such a cute little size.

I just can't wait for the weather to be at least warm enough to go out like this without a jacket, spring needs to hurry itself up. Maybe then I'll add some colour to my outfits, maybe...

Claire x

Friday, 6 February 2015

And now that it's over, I'll never be sober.

Top | Primark
Skirt | Topshop
Shoes | Daisy Street
Necklace | ASOS

As much as I want to say this outfit makes me feel quite 90s/Clueless, I know it's just the tartan. Sigh. Cher is queen. This skirt is one of my favourite Topshop sale finds ever, I honestly hardly buy anything from there because of the prices. Tramp for life. The choker necklace was just made for tops like these, I'm glad such items have made a comeback.

I've spent the last couple of days round at my friends, binge watching American Horror Story (we're on season 3 and my god it's so good and messed up). We also watched the movie Jawbreaker for the first time, which I'd had on my Netflix list for sooo long. If you like the movie Heathers, you'd enjoy it. And Rose McGowan is a total babe.

What have you done with your week? 

Claire x

Monday, 2 February 2015

Lucky Dip Club January box | Valley of the Unicorns.

Okay if the word unicorns didn't get you excited/intrigued already then...I just don't know.

January's Lucky Dip Club box was all about those magical creatures, and just like everyone else, I think this is probably my favourite box so far. As much as I love to wear black, black, black, I'm a sucker for anything pastel or various shades of pink. This girly box didn't disappoint.

Inside there is a personalised name necklace, a unicorn brooch, a couple writing pads, a cute unicorn postcard and some little cupcake flags. The necklace is my favourite, it's so sweet and will add that perfect bit of colour to my outfits.

Do you subscribe to Lucky Dip Club? What do you think of the things I received this month?

Claire x

Friday, 30 January 2015

Cause no one likes you quite the way that I do.

Jacket | H&M
Cardigan | Topshop
Tshirt, jeggings, scarf & bag | Primark
Shoes | Daisy Street

Afternoon lovelies, I'm trying to get back into taking outfit photos but with how lazy I am at waking up early + the terrible shortage of's not a winning combination haha. Anyway, I swear I live in black/white/grey lately, I guess I love those shades even more now that I have red hair.

So this is a pretty basic outfit of mines which I've been throwing on. Primark sell a few of these cropped rib tees, and they're so much cheaper than the Topshop ones. The jeggings are actually a very deep blue colour, not black, and they're so comfy. I also really can't remember where I got the deer necklace but it's one of my favourites.

Hope you're all having a nice start to your weekends! I'm off out tonight with some friends for lots of dancing as usual.

Claire x